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Isabelle was born in France and studied ballet. At the age of 15, she moved to Germany to persue her dream and two years later she began her career as a professional ballet dancer in Wiesbaden. During her eighteen-year career, she danced at the Bavarian State Ballet, the Zurich Opera House, and in many other prestigious houses of the world. Pilates has always kept her in shape and helped her avoid injuries. She is certified in Stott Pilates and teaches matwork and equipment training (Reformer, Cadillac, Stability Chair …). Isabelle is also specialized in Pre – and Postnatal Pilates training as well as Barrework. The Pilates Parcours, which combines all the different acitivities of the training, was developed by her.

Isabelle teaches with great joy and passion and is happy to share her experiences and knowledge.





Ariel is a certified Pilates instructor, movement practicioner, and dancer based in Berlin since 2010. Her experience includes 22 years as a professional dancer, teaching Pilates across the US and Germany since completing her certification through Ellie Herman in 2004, and 5 years as a movement therapist in a chiropractor’s office in the U.S.. She worked as an adjunct professor of dance and anatomy/kinesiology at Smith College, Amherst College, Mount Holyoke College and Keene State College in the U.S and has taught movement to actors and dancers at State Theaters throughout Germany. As a teacher she is interested in refining alignment in the body and discovering the small muscles that support larger movement.

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Driven by her passion for movement, Lucy utilises the Pilates method to help people find their optimum health and wellbeing. She approaches teaching movement in a practical and functional way - looking to create sustainable movement patterns through a fun and challenging class. Lucy brings her considerable knowledge of the body and dance to her teaching. Trained as a physiotherapist in Australia, and completing her Pilates certification with APPI in Melbourne, Australia, Lucy’s passion is for helping people become the expert in their own bodies. When she’s not teaching, you’ll find her in the ballet studio, partner dancing or on the climbing wall.



Eléonore is a dancer and Pilates Trainer. After years as a Ballet dancer in various theatres, including in Germany, she opted in 2016 for a life in Berlin and as a freelancer. From day one, the capital city felt just like home! Pilates has accompanied and supported her as a dancer. In 2018 she took a new path as a BASI certified trainer. Thanks to Pilates, she wants to help others build up strength and flexibility. With precise movement, body awareness - and hopefully some fun! - you will enhance power, self- confidence and well-being. Good to know: Eléonore can teach in German, English, French or Spanish.



For Tuyen Pilates is the best way to connect mind and body and to completely focus on herself and to combine breath with movement. Gaining inner and outer strength and furthermore elongating her body - especially the spine - is what she feels everytime she is doing Pilates. For the first time in her life she enjoyed doing workouts instead of forcing herself to exercise. When discovering the Pilates method a couple of years ago she was so fascinated and convinced about the method that she decided to quit her longtime office job and to become a Pilates instructor. The goal in her classes is to let you experience the same enjoyable and powerful feeling that she has with Pilates.



Danielle was involved in Power Lifting, Mixed Martial Arts and other intense activities before discovering Pilates after her fourth knee surgery. Her goal was to find a way to continue to build strength and challenge her body in a more sustainable way. She pursued her STOTT PILATES® Certification after moving to Berlin from NYC so that she could share her love of movement and strength training. Her approach is energetic and challenging in a thoughtful and playful way. Incorporating athleticism to each movement for a powerful full body workout, her classes will both challenge and provoke you.



Demi was introduced to pilates by her sister, professional dancer and BASI trained pilates instructor, Elvan Tekin. After getting her bachelor degree in Boston, Demi decided to move to California to get her BASI Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Certification at BASI Head Quarters Newport Beach, CA in May 2021. Learning and teaching the pilates method in California allowed Demi to train with the leading names in the pilates industry such as Rael Isacowitz. Now as a BASI trained pilates instructor, Demi wants all her clients to tap into their bodies, get in touch with their core and feel the same satisfaction & benefits she felt by practicing this miraculous exercise concept called pilates.

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Tali was 15 years old when she was looking for a joyful and powerful activity. She fell in love with Pilates right away and haven't stopped since. She completed her comprehensive training at "The Body in Balance" in Berlin in early 2021 and then immediately started teaching. Her classes are dynamic and are focusing on actively challenging and mobilizing both: body and mind.



Nicola began doing Pilates in 2001 and was amazed by quickly her balance, flexibility, strength, body awareness, and coordination improved. Inspired by the changes in her body, she pursued her Mat and Equipment Teaching Certifications through The Kane School of Core Integration in NYC (2008-9), one of the most distinguished training institutions in the US. She taught Pilates in top-ranked studios in NYC (Erika Bloom Pilates) and North Carolina (InsideOut Body Therapies. She also co-created the Pilates program at Duke University and was a head trainer there for six years before moving to Berlin. Her teaching style mixes classical movements and a contemporary understanding of anatomy. photo credit Robb Cangiano



Sonia was born in Barcelona. Since 2013 she belongs to STOTT PILATES®, a modern Pilates concept. Since 2017 she has the STOTT PILATES® full certification. In Barcelona she worked for 6 years at Dona 10 Pilates and Yoga Studio and in many community colleges. Today she lives in Berlin, where she works for Deborah Degano at Berliner Pilates Studio and for Isabelle Pollet at The Pilates Movement Berlin Studio, now she belongs to Johanna Hwang’s team at The Pilates Place Studio in Spittelmarkt.



Luca is an Italian non-binary and genderqueer artist who experience movement as self-empowering. As a teenager, they already started working as a performer in Italy for Italian theaters and dance companies. In 2017, Luca studied in the Contemporary Dance School of Hamburg. In the following years, they also worked for German television and Kampnagel. In early 2020 Luca worked in Chile for a national art festival. They went back to Italy and studied in the National Academy of Dance in Rome. In 2021, Luca decided to move back to Germany, in Berlin where they became a Basi Pilates certified instructor. To them, the practice of Pilates is also very spiritual and political. Luca's classes are always dynamic, different and based on a body-mind connection, where anatomical language, biomechanical patterns, repetition and progression are key principles.



Nicole or Nicolette sometimes, is a passionate body and movement researcher. Her pathway goes from holding a Bachelor in Nutrition by the Buenos Aires Medicine University, passing through a postponed career in Osteopathy and currently diving into dance as another way to explore the body through an artistic filter. 10 years Pilates facilitator, or maybe more, she loves sharing what the gathering of those practices and knowledges gave her and being nourished by those coming and commiting. She is not seeking to teach but to help the discovery of what can be done.



Ambika is a STOTT Certified Pilates Instructor, Barre Instructor, HIIT Coach and Personal Trainer. As an ex-professional dancer studying and working in New York, Ambika has much experience working with Dancers and Movement specialists. Her experience working as a Barre Instructor, Pilates Instructor and Private Fitness Coach has opened up the clientele for her and has a special interest in Sports enthusiasts looking to better their mobility, strength and agility for their given field.



Elisabeta is a professional ballet dancer with a BFA in Dance from Marymount Manhattan College in NYC. She got her Pilates certifications in mat and equipment in 2008 from the Kelly Kane School in NYC and since has been teaching regularly, while dancing full time in the USA, Canada, Romania and Germany. Her intention is to guide people in finding body awareness, strength, fluidity, proprioception and interconnection, with aspects of phisio therapy, where they can benefit not only during their time together in group classes or one on one sessions, but also throughout their day. Since September 2021 she has been attending a Master program in Dance Pedagogy at the Palucca Hochschule für Tanz in Dresden, while living and working in Berlin as a freelance dancer and teacher.


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